Porcelain Insulators

​Grantel Equipamentos Porcelain Insulators

In order to provide excellent solutions in porcelain insulators for the Brazilian market, after an extensive search, Grantel Equipamentos became the authorized distributor from SPIW (Suzhou Porcelain Insulators Works). With the factory and products already homologated at important energy utlities, SPIW products distributed by Grantel established a successful partnership.

Quality commitment

To maintain the quality level supplied to our clients, Grantel monitors the sample tests at Suzhou for all supplies, and eventually request additional tests according to the customers demands.

Technical catalog

Our porcelain insulators have validated quality through type tests conducted at accredited laboratories from various countries, such as CEPRI, KEMA and PowerTech.

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A strong partnership

Suzhou Porcelain Insulator Works CO. LTD (SPIW) is located in the city of Suzhou, very famous for its Culture and History. SPIW began its activities in 1930. In the last five years the factory made investments of over 30 million dollars in expansions and technical improvements, providing the market a production capacity of 40 thousand tons of porcelain insulators per year. This production volume places SPIW as the second biggest manufacturer of China.
The quality of its products places SPIW as one of the three manufacturers authorized to sell insulators greater than 500 kV to all the Chinese dealers.

SPIW accumulates over 70 years of experience in porcelain insulators, holding the leading position in equipments and technologies.
Its growth and performance of products placed the company as a leader in national quality. Today SPIW is one of the biggest exporters of insulators in China and it has its insulators applied in all 5 continents.

The partnership between Grantel and SPIW brings the high quality engineering services of Grantel to Brazil combined with the excellent products of SPIW, representative of the Chinese tradition in the manufacture of high quality porcelains. This combination is currently the best cost-benefit relationship of the Brazilian market:

  • Drawings, Manuals and other documents in Portuguese;
  • Local administration of the contracts;
  • Monitoring of acceptance and type tests;
  • Local Stock;
  • Local After Sales;
  • Flexibility to understand and develop insulators for special applications;
  • Competitive prices;
  • High Quality Products.

Grantel-SPIW Products:

  • Up to 550 kN, Porcelain Disc Insulators for Alternating Current;
  • Up to 550 kN, Porcelain Disc Insulators for Direct Current;
  • Up to 145 kN, Line Post insulators;
  • Cap and Pin Insulators
  • From 15 to 1100 kV in AC;
  • ± 400 kV to ± 800 kV in DC;
  • Solid Core Insulators for Railroad Electrification: 8 kN, 12 kN, 16 kN;
  • Porcelain Solid Core Insulators for Subways.

Tested quality system

SPIW, due to its competence and organization, obtained the Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001, approved by the companies DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV), CQC and IQNET since 1997.
It also has the Certificate of Project NBR 19000 of the ELETROBRÁS System.

Similar to its production system and suppliers, the SPIW Quality Management System was audited by the technical staff from Grantel, which observed the adherence of procedures described in its quality manual with the records produced, confirming its conformity with the real activities produced during the production and quality control process of the glass insulators.

Therefore, the Grantel-SPIW services and products are subjected to constant auditing of quality, ensuring the compliance with the international technical standards and customer specifications.